Illustrated Days | 3 - 7

I'm officially finished my week of illustrating my days. Some days I felt were just way too boring to illustrate but I found enough mundane details to fill an A4 page regardless! Maybe I'll still illustrate my days sometimes, if they're particularly worthy of illustrating. I hope you've enjoyed them. If you'd like to do something similar, link me, I'd love to see!
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Theodore | 3/52

"But Ma, I don't want to stop playing in the dirt and come inside for bed" - Theo.

My brother and niece have been visiting us for the past week and start their journey back home tomorrow. We've had a lovely time together, their first trip to Tasmania, and I've really enjoyed having art supplies spread across the kitchen table and drawing for hours on end with Rose and Luke. And I think just being in the company of an older child for a few days has helped Theo with his development. He is a bit obsessed with Rosie and I'm sure he'll be sad to see her go. They've spent lots of time playing. I love that the weather is warm enough at the moment for Theo to run around outside sans clothes. It's just hard to convince him to come back inside!

Theodore | 2/52

Theo posing for me with a package we posted last week.

Theo has a lovely internet friend named Jack. Jack is a total sweetie and lives in the UK with his mum, dad and sister. Theo has been the lucky recipient of some lovely little presents from Jack, including a video of him running around his backyard talking about Theo. I finally got around to sending some little goodies to Jack in the little package above. Theo helped me to send it/tried to tear it up/eat it. I spent many a night painting the front of the package while watching Outlander. I've been painting lots of envelopes lately, I just need to write the letters to put in them!


Hi there!

So, you might have noticed a few changes around here, most significant of all, that I've decided to retire the name 'Goodnight Little Spoon' and use an eponymous title instead. I've also migrated from Blogger (a platform I know like the back of my hand) to Squarespace (which I'm still exploring). And, the new site looks pretty plain and simple in comparison to the old one (I'm still working on it). I had simply outgrown Blogger and wanted the ability to do other things with my website. Squarespace is a beautiful platform and extremely versatile and I'm excited to work it all out and get the most out of it. All of the old archives are here if you feel like sifting through, all of the old comments are here too and I have a new an improved downloads page on the sidebar. Everything else is a bit of a work in progress. Making the choice to use my own name was borne out of wanting to kind of streamline my internet presence and be a bit more professional.

I started Goodnight Little Spoon almost 6 years ago, when I was 19, living in Newcastle and writing lots of letters and it helped me to connect with so many wonderful people, document goings on in my life and share creative pursuits. It helped me to develop myself creatively and changed my life well and truly and has only ever been a force for good in my life over the past 6 years. I named it Goodnight Little Spoon because about a dozen other names I liked were taken on Blogger and the phrase "Goodnight Little Spoon" was simply some parting words that my friend Skye had written to me one night on Myspace before she went to bed and I thought it was sweet.

I certainly intend to keep blogging in the same fashion on this new site. It will also be home to my illustration portfolio and possibly even an online shop and music eventually. 

Thanks so much for following along with this blog, whether you're someone who has been following along from the start or you're a regular visitor who has never left a comment (I'm so guilty of this!), or you've just stumbled upon it today through a happy internet happenstance.

Also, hopefully new posts will come through RSS feed readers as normal but you may need to update your subscription links depending on what RSS reader you use. Old links to Goodnight Little Spoon will simply redirect to the main page of this website unfortunately.