100 Words of Now

Flannelette sheets. Late nights. Late mornings. Radio. Fire warmth. Text messages. Tinder. Polite hellos. Burgers. Smudged eyeliner. Milo out of the can. Op-shopping. Perfumed scarves. Toddler conversations. Migraines. Bus. Secondhand books. Gouache. Bad eyesight. Chapped lips. Scented candles. Bare trees. Friendship. Intuition. Deep breathing. Lack of routine. Lust. Wondering. Overindulgence. Restlessness. Muesli and yoghurt. Baths. Floordrobe. Typography. Freelance. Customers. Chit-chat. Toy trains. Microwave. Wood smoke. Overtired. Foggy breath. Films. Comfort food. Cold toes. Memory. Black paint. Tiny paintbrushes. Honesty. Too much iPhone. Colourful mess. Drawing dates. Alarm clock snooze. Uncertainty. New pens. A pile of vintage. French Earl Grey. Sleep.

Inspired by Susannah
What are your 100 Words of Now?