In My Bag

Details (L - R)Cover Story Flamingo Filofax, keys, handy little container that holds my headphones so they don't get messy, Ruby Woo by Mac lipstick, wooden toy car (for Theo to play with on outings),  Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula lip balm, 'Aphrodesia' by Spiritual Sky perfume (the only perfume I've ever owned), UniBall Micro Eye pen (the best pens ever), pretty handkerchief (for my terrible allergies), thrifted Welsh tapestry purse, Dangerfield straw heart bag (no longer available but they do have a strawberry shaped one!). I also forgot to include my phone in this shot - obviously an essential item!

I took this photo for a little guest post that never went ahead, so I thought I'd share it here instead. This handy little bag fits in just the essentials and I can't fill it too full and make it too heavy and cumbersome to cart around. It fits in my bike basket nicely or I throw it over an arm. I actually got it for free when Dangerfield had a buy-two-items-get-one-free sale and it gets a lot of nice comments, often from men, ha. An old, intoxicated Montenegrin man at work a few weeks ago saw me with it and said "It is so CUTE and HEART shaped... like YOU!". Thanks, I think!

What are your daily essentials?