Just A Minute | February

Reading | The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide, Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham, The Secret History by Donna Tartt (I've been reading the last two books for months - partly because I'm a slow reader and partly because I'm savouring them) & Flow Magazine (my new favourite).
Watching | A Most Wanted Man, Girls, Downton Abbey & Suits.
Listening | The Bedroom Philosopher's Funemployed Series on Radio National (and lots of RN shows in general).
Making | My little apartment a home, painting furniture and tinkering away at fun commissions.
Consuming | Chocolate biscuits and chocolate hot cross buns. It's been a very chocolatey month!
Looking forward to | Getting back into my course work (I'm several weeks behind unfortunately), going to see Darren Hanlon, finishing up commissions, spending lots of time with Theo and hopefully, when time allows, working on a new zine. 

Why hello! I took an unexpected month off blogging, brought about by having no internet access at my new dwelling yet. The lack of internet has been a bit of a pain but I've been reading lots of good books, working on commissions, watching good shows and spending time with Theo. I am loving being there though; it has lots of natural light, is the perfect size, in a great location and it just makes me happy to be there, so that's a relief. I've had Theo over to stay several times already (though I don't have a bed for him yet so he sleeps in with me). I'm still without a washing machine, though a friend has lent me his bar fridge, which has been a godsend. Life is good and I am happy. Over the next month (and a bit) I'm actually house sitting back in our old neighbourhood so I'll be close to Theo (and have internet access and access to a washing machine!) which will be nice. By the time I get back to my apartment I'll have a washing machine, a single bed for Theo, a proper fridge and internet. Hooray.