Just A Minute | January

Reading | Not That Kind of Girl - Lena Dunham (I'm rationing it out and reading it slowly because I'm really enjoying it).
Watching | The Imitation Game (with my friend Sara at the cinema), Grand Designs & The Asian Cup (soccer tournament).
Listening | Laura Jean.
Making | My first paste-up, a birthday card for my favourite cafe, working on commissions, painting addresses on envelopes, practicing my calligraphy and doing doodled daily diary illustrations. 
Consuming | Lots of delicious, healthy, homemade food - my favourites have been frittatas, baked eggs, nut & date balls and big hot breakfasts. 
Looking forward to | The next month; a big, uncertain, exciting, scary one.

This past month my brother and niece came to stay for a week, I did the #whole30 and C and I decided to separate. This week I was approved for my own little apartment and I'll be moving in next week. It probably sounds pretty unexpected, and in some ways it has been, but it's what is necessary right now and I really think our relationship will improve with at least some time apart. There's no unpleasantness, we're still very close and we share the parenting of our lovely little human, so we'll always be important people in each others lives. I don't really think its necessary to say much more than that about the situation, but I am genuinely feeling positive about the future.