List | I'd like...

+ to wake up early each day, make my bed, eat a good breakfast and sit in the sunshine
+ to make Theo lots of pairs of Summery short overalls
+ to use my film society ticket each week
+ to sit with Jaine on her balcony overlooking the city and drink white wine on late Summer afternoons
+ to stop despairing
+ to keep a daily sketchbook
+ to walk the Overland Track with my sister
+ to give myself permission to put down my work, sit on my couch in the evening and watch shows that I enjoy, with my cat on my lap
+ to write a love letter to my city
+ to do fun, spontaneous, playful activities with Theo
+ to make a zine every six months
+ to take as many Skillshare classes as my bandwidth will allow
+ to drive to the beach on a warm day with my very nice gentleman friend in his Jeep with the top down
+ to make beautiful objects from clay