Old lady

^ A set I've titled; 'The cats think I'm creepy'. They both scratched me considerably, haha.

Chorus (our house mate's cat who is surprisingly unphotogenic) was just fighting with the door snake. I'm going to miss that little guy :( Our housemate is moving out this week, and I seriously considered how much money I could raise to purchase his cat, but I decided that I wouldn't be able to raise enough money to afford him, he's kind of priceless. I'm going to walk down to the Hunter Animal Watch Op Shop sometime in the next few weeks and check to see if there are any notices for giveaway or cheap kittens. If it were more socially acceptable, I'd have HEAPS of cats. I'd be the crazy cat woman. But three is probably the maximum before I turn crazy, so I can probably get one more. I think I'd like to call my cat 'Morrissey' or name it after a Morrissey song, but I guess I'll have to see the cat first to decide.

I unearthed one of my old lady dresses circa 2006 and my favourite green jacket and wore it out today. It's one of my favourite pieces of clothing. I love the collar and buttons. Macbook photobooth camera shots aren't entirely flattering.

^ Weird hand.

C and I went to the op shop near our house on the way out today and I picked up an awesome abacus and C bought a cork board made out of real bottle corks. Some people must drink A LOT of wine. The guy at the op shop is very nice, but he makes lots of funny conversation faux pas. He told me I was a bit old for the abacus, and I told him I was going to put it on display, as a sculpture. Here is the abacus and yours truly:

^ I had a mouthful of chocolate bullets at the time.

I must have checked the mail box like three times today before the mail came, and when it did it was bills anyway. C likened me to the crazy woman in Donnie Darko who sits on her verandah all day and repeatedly checks the mail. I am definitely that woman. Wow, I'm all about being crazy today aren't I?

Today I went to post six postcards and bought a pack of 100 gorgeous world stamps for $4 at the post office. I thought that they must be replicas but the packet says they're 'all genuine'. I was tempted to go back and buy more packs, but I'm sure they'll still be there when I get paid. C and I went to Raj's for some food and I tipped the packet out on the table and looked at each stamp one by one (and then noticed people watching me but had to continue). They're so pretty, all different shapes and sizes and colours and from all over the world. I guess I'm easily amused.

Here are some of the postcards I sent today (mostly handmade because I've run out of the fancy kind and am poooooor):

I'm considering taking C out to see Harry Potter tonight. I still haven't seen it and I've been meaning to, but I am poor and I'm sure I'll regret the decision once I have bills to pay. I might just stay in and watch Buffy Season 7 instead, yeah that's probably a better idea.