Simple City

I made up this rough outline/definition for 'Mail-Tag' last week (and forwarded one to Ilona below) and thought I may was well share it around. You should play with someone :) The idea was inspired by one of my favourite TV shows, Our Hero and I wrote up some 'rules' based around it. I've played it with a lot of friends and it is a really nice getting-to-know-you kind of game. Of course, it is nice for some of these things to evolve organically through letter writing, but asking some out-of-the-blue questions is pretty fun too.

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It was, again, so warm today. Wtf, weather? 25˚C+ days in Winter? Regardless, it felt lovely and I although I love the cold weather, I'm really looking forward to a Newcastle Summer, beach and warmth. I realised today that I kinda pretty much love this city. I begrudge it some days, but it does have a charm to it.

C and I went for a wander into town this afternoon. We ogled beautiful, slightly unattainable bicycles at Civic Bikes and C pondered for a while about whether he should spend his tax return on a lovely new bike (I hope he does).

Then we went to Centrelink and saw our friend Murray, who asked us to write something on his new very white volleys, I wrote; "A list of words that rhyme with Murray: hurry, worry, flurry, slurry, durrie" and then after we left I thought of 'curry' and 'scurry' but I was too late. We're going to the Lass tomorrow night to see Murray's band play which should be very pleasant. Apparently the first five people to get naked get a free grilled cheese sandwich, any takers?

Afterwards we visited the comic book shop (I'm pining over those Buffy comics, C ordered in the first edition book of them), did a mini-shop (between us we have a total of about $10, but only til tomorrow), saw Manneh riding a tiny little bike and wandered through a dark park home. C just made some delicious curry and then rode off to work. He won't be back until after midnight so I'm going to be domestic and then watch some Angel with the cats.

I sent this one a few weeks ago, but I thought I'd post it here regardless. Here is a letter I sent to miss Missive Maven;

Postcards received this week (so far);

From: Coutts Crossing, NSW; Hungary; Kansas; Germany.

I hope good days were all around today.