Iiiiiiit's 3am. Tonight I went to the Lass O'Gowrie, which is one of my favourite pubs in Newcastle, to celebrate the 21st birthday of one of my best friends. I had a really nice time. Paige lives in Sydney so I don't get to see her too often, but I always enjoy her company. I bought her an issue of Hi Fructose magazine, which is a really interesting art magazine. When she opened it she said "there are lots of paintings of creepy children" and I knew she liked it, ha. I got it from the comic book shop in Newcastle earlier in the week with my friend Doug. I couple of weeks ago when I went in they had a copy of the Hi Fructose Collected Hardcover Book for $60 which looked really awesome;

I only got to have a flick through the book (and the magazines) but I the images inside were amazing. Here are some of the very cool magazine covers (I got her issue 11, the second image featuring a Mark Ryden painting. He's preeeeetty incredible);

Also, yesterday my lovely little copy of Good Mail Day arrived and I read most of it in one go and then finished it off later on before bed. It's quite lovely. My only criticism is that it's quite US focused, but I totally understand that as the writers are both American and their post experience has been almost solely with the USPS. I'll write a proper review of it sometime and scan some of my favourite bits. It's very cute.

Earlier today I walked up the street and went into this hippie shop called Enigma where I have been admiring a lovely wrap-around tie-up red striped floor length skirt (I can't take a photo so I have to be descriptive!) and I haven't taken it off all day (except currently I'm typing in bed and wearing pajamas). It was a bit of a splurge, but it's really lovely and made out of thin fabric, so it should be nice and breezy for Summer, afterward I went to Aldi to buy some flour and sugar to make a banana and strawberry loaf with the very overripe fruit I had sitting in my fruit bowl. I also bought some cheap blueberries and blended all the fruit together in the mixer and it was so sweet and delicious. I baked it all up and it's very tasty. When I got it out of the tin I sat it on the 'clean' chopping board to cool (no cake racks here) and then realised that the chopping board must have still had some garlic on it, which made the bottom of the cake taste awful! I'll either have to cut it up or just overpower that flavour with ice cream and C's homemade caramel sauce. Mmmm.

While I was away earlier in the week I went just two days without checking my Google Reader and came home to 260 unread blogs! I have way too many subscriptions and I should probably cut down sometime soon. I think it fosters bad blog reading habits when you just subscribe to a million things and then try to get through the Google Reader feed as quickly as possible and don't actually get the time to go to the blogs you enjoy and take in new things and leave comments and such, so tomorrow I think I'll dedicate some time to sorting that out. I hate having to delete subscriptions to blogs, but I'd prefer to limit myself and enjoy reading blogs than feel like it's a chore.

I have a REALLY boring mailbox. It's badly painted with what looks like dark green left over house paint, some of it has been left white, it is of a very simple lift-up-with-a-slot design and the numbers I believe are written on in lead pencil! It definitely doesn't look like a place where fun mail would hide, so today I spent a whole lot of time trying to unscrew the rusted screws that held my mailbox to the front fence. On C's brother's instruction I ended up spraying it with WD40 which loosened the rust and eventually I reefed the thing off. I spent the half hour before I had to go out cleaning, sanding and applying the first coat of bright red enamel paint to the box and then tomorrow I'll do another and then try to screw the thing back on. Having a happy mailbox I'm sure will mean more happy mail. I'll try to take a picture of it when it's all freshly painted and screwed back in.

I've been calling C once or twice a day and texting him much more and I miss him so much, but I'm not going to count the days or feel miserable, I'm just looking forward to him being back. It sounds like he's having a lovely time and I can't wait until we both go down to Launceston in November/December.

Aaaanyway, I am so so so sleepy *yawns*
Goodnight little spoons :)