Spring Has Sprung.

^ I love these photos. Everything on Romain Laurent's website is amazing.

Today was a good mail day, which always sets up the rest of the day to be good.

^ a Postcrossing postcard from a lady in France, who sent me a whole bunch of gorgeous stationery, a cute Scrabble themed postcard from Germany, a Swiss Postcard, a Finnish postcard and a lovely red themed postcard from Chandlerguera.

I have already started writing back to the lovely Chandlerguera (Garci).
I forgot to post some cute mail I received last week, from the desk of Missive Maven, a wonderful letter and a postcard from Taiwan I enjoyed;

^ I love those stamps.

My friend Doug took me to Eckersley's the day before yesterday to get a whole lot of free postcards. They have a big rack of them right at the front door and I must have taken like, 50.

I have no idea why, but three things I've sent in the past few weeks have been lost in the post, and they're to local destinations too. It's bizarre, and disappointing. All of my international post items arrive safely, but if I send something that only has a few kms to travel it disappears. I guess the Post Office hates me.

Last night went to dinner at C's brother and sister in law's house. They have two lovely little children, Elly and Marley, and their mum Melissa asked me if I'd mind giving Elly art lessons on a Friday afternoon, which I am kind of excited about. Melissa tells me Elly doesn't have much of an attention span for things like that, but as long as we're both being creative it should be fun. We sat outside in the cool first of Spring night air and ate dinner then C made us fried ice cream, which was so so delicious. This is Marley singing into our microphone (he kind of just gurgles);

I came across this lovely little Flickr Pool today called What I Wore Today drawings (an alternative to photographing what you wear each day, which I'm not so into). It's invitation only, but the pictures that are up so far are just lovely;

^ link.

^ link.

^ link.

I did my own for today (I think it's a good way to make sure you draw every day). It's a pretty sketchy two minute drawing, but I think the more I do the more I'll get into it;

C has to work tonight until midnight and he got up really early, so he's currently snoring away on couch near me. I keep dropping my pens and things and all of the sudden there's car alarms going off and revving cars outside and he keeps stirring, poor C. He goes away in exactly one week :( Boo. What am I going to do? What am I going to eat?!

Hope you're had a good start to the week :)