Dear So and So

^ unknown.

Song of the day: Shadows by Yo La Tengo

Dear anonymous vandals,
I have no idea why you turned two taps on in the yard of the empty house in our street and left them running for several hours. We walked past and heard the noise and went home and got torches and turned them off. Don't do it again, please. Wasted water makes me angrier than broken windows or spray paint!

Sincerely annoyed,


Dear C,
Thank you for making me hundreds of cups of hot chocolate, being so lovely and enduring my abuse :)

Love always,


Dear Spotlight,
Tomorrow I am going to hand in my resume to you. Please employ me. I love all of the things you sell and it would be an pleasure to work at you!

Yours hopefully,


Dear yelling Newcastle lady Jets fans,
Thank you for chanting for the entire game and making us feel better about our 5-1 loss. Your chants were very amusing and seemed to effectively enrage the 'white trash' Central Coast supporters.

Yours loud and obnoxiously,


Dear Why?,
You are my all-time favourite band. You are playing in Sydney in two months. I am so poor I can't even afford the $40 to come see you, so could you please let me in for free or come to my house to play instead?

Yours hopefully,


Dear Anxiety,
Please make me stop biting my nails until they hurt and feeling like I want to cry for no reason whenever I have to leave my house.

Yours anxiously,


Dear ingredients in our cupboard,
Please whip yourselves together into a delicious meal.

Yours hungrily,

I think I'll do this again sometime :) Taken from the lovely miss Carrie, who found it here;

Dear So and So...

Some things I found interesting today:

^ A water sculpture in China made from 10, 000 toilets. One of those internet finds that makes you say 'WOW' out loud (link).

^ As you might already know, Halloween isn't celebrated in Australia, and as a result I am totally fascinated by it. If we did, I would totally try to carve a pumpkin like one of these! (link) Have you ever carved a pumpkin? Is it difficult? :D

^ Photos by Rainer Elstermann

These wonderful blogs:
The Fucking Word Of The Day; today's word is harangue.
Yes and Yes; awesome stuff, and I love her guest post about New Zealand at Lovelorn Unicorn. I wish I could move to NZ!
Cupcakes and Mace; I have a thing for NZ bloggers.
Lady Croissant; Adorable.
Operation Beautiful; A beautiful concept, I am going to try to do too.
The Unicorn Diaries; Mysterious and beautiful.
Chimerical; Just lovely.

Today C and I went to our friend Michelle's baby's name-giving celebration (his name is Van) and her elder son, Zahn's, 15th birthday party later on, and in between we went to see the lady Jets play. I hadn't really dressed up or put on make-up in some time, so I decided to today and it was kind of fun, ha. Here is what I looked like today (Please forgive awful quality Macbook shots, ha);

^ This is me and part of the wall above my desk. If you send me mail, this is where it ends up!

Please ignore messy house and awkward expressions/poses. Of course, with an actual camera (I'm dreaming of a Canon EOS), I imagine I could take and post one perfect shot and not several mediocre ones!

C and I have been talking a lot lately about our 'happy fat'. I guess I just feel at an in-between size. I love curves, I just like them in the right places :P Of course, the two options are; do something about it (more physical activity!) or decide to feel good about myself as is. Both seem equally labour intensive! In the meantime I'm might just stick 'Operation Beautiful' themed notes in places for other people to find and feel good about themselves :D