Goodnight Little Moon

^found here, here and here. I think they're so beautiful, anyone know where these came from?

I just woke up after a lovely nap and am having my daily sneezure. It's never ending. I forget to count how many sneezes I do, because I feel like I'm encouraging it in some way if I do, ha. These 'sneezures' involve usually upwards of 50 sneezes. Needless to say, I feel preeeeetty exhausted in the end. Also, image searching 'sneeze' doesn't yield a whole lot of results, I guess sneezes are just one of those things you can't capture visually.

Today I went to the Bird In The Hand distro and picked up a few new zines and chatted to the lovely Susy Pow, then scooted off to Emerald Arts and bought a container for my rubber stamps and a tiny pink paper crane (I am terrible at making them), and very notably, I ate a delicious Magnum ice cream. Those things don't disappoint. Later C and I went to see the 'Lady Jets' (the female Newcastle soccer team) but we only got there at half time and saw them lose one nil, it was still great to watch though. C packed us lollies and soft drink. Afterwards we visited C's brother and sister in law and their small people and then ordered a pizza to be delivered and walked home. The pizza took a long time to arrive, and having eaten only the aforementioned ice cream, lollies and soft drink all day I was shaking with hunger. Being an adult is fun.

As we were leaving the football (I just want to clarify that whenever I say 'football' I am talking about soccer and not thugby league) we saw a little boy who was about ten or eleven hanging onto the side rail near the exit just sobbing and wailing and snivelling. C and I walked extra slow and considered asking him if he was okay, until his friends started chasing after him and saying so-and-so "says they're sorry Josh!" and he kept running away from them and saying he didn't care and just wanted to go home. It was sad to watch, and C got especially invested in thinking about poor Josh and the person he might turn out to be as a result of his treatment by these kids over time and we got into a conversation on the way home about primary school. I was never 'Josh'. I don't think I was ever not included in a group or bullied, I had a varied group of friends, I was happy and I was never a bully (except for this one time, but that's a story for another blog) and I can remember at least one instance of standing up for somebody else, but I think C had a different experience (If we weren't ten years apart I would totally have bullied him. Hell, I bully him now). C is apparently going to write a blog about it (I won't give you the link just yet, but he's been writing every day). I think I should take a page out of 10 year old Bianca's book. These days I feel socially awkward, antisocial, alienated and excluded from 'groups' 99% of the time. I feel like Josh. Josh, if you're out there, you're not aaaaalone.

Zine's I selected:
Brainscan 23 (by Alex Wreck)
Lists (by Euphemist Morning Dew)
Don't Panic (by Susy Pow)
Walk So Differently; A choose your own Sydney zine (by Anwyn, Emma & Louise)

Song stuck in my head: Think I Wanna Die by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (one of my favourite band names).

Sites currently open in my browser:
Fish pedicures
The Habit Change Cheatsheet: 29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behaviour
You Are My Fave; Sleeping Nooks (I want!)
Recovering Lazyholic blog;

TwoThousand; a guide to Sydney (there's also ThreeThousand; Melbourne, FourThousand; Brisbane, etc).
Once Upon - An Exhibition
Meet-An-Inmate - This site is absolutely fascinating to me. I still maintain that sitting down with pen and paper and writing to an inmate would make me feel awkward, and this site is basically set up as a dating site for inmates, but reading their profiles and names (! Latrina, Myfila, LaTrovia, Lalicia, Rochalonn, Dericka, etc) was fascinating. It provides addresses and you're welcome to write to these inmates, and they'll respond. C joked that I'm 'So desperate to write to people I'm writing to inmates', but that's not the case, I just find them really interesting. Prison seems like another world entirely to me and I so many of the profiles I browsed just seemed like people like you or I, people whom the US justice system has failed or people whose profiles give no insight as to how they wound up in there. Fascinating!
Human Calendar
The Unicorn Diaries
Memories of McDonaldland, creepy :)
Sew-Fee; one of my very best friends has started up her new blog, you should definitely pay her a visit :)
A tree bookshelf (via swissmiss) - want, need, please!;

Letterpress fortune teller from Sycamore Street Press;

Nope, I am not lying when I say that all of those sites (and more) were open in my browser at the one time. Sometimes I feel that the internet, like real life, becomes this place that is about consuming things as quickly as possible, documenting them, (perhaps making a witty comment) and moving on to the next totally awesome thing and I often feel guilty of continuing this spiral. Posting big long lists of links like this doesn't promote an appreciation for each item, website, photograph or miscellaneous piece of information held within, and I think that it should be stressed that one really good website is often far more interesting than a long list of 'stuff' and I know I'm more likely to visit that one link than try to open every link in a list. So in the future I'd like to distribute the links I find interesting within my blogs, put them in context and elaborate more on them. I bookmark everything and today I spent at least 5 minutes reading each of the above links before posting them. I struggle to read all of the items in my Google Reader each day because I am subscribed to so many things, and I'd although I love all of the blogs I follow, I think it's time I did a cull and focused on quality over quantity.

I'll be going to C's nephew, Marley's 2nd birthday party in the park and then seeing this movie tomorrow;

On second thoughts do I really want to sit through a black and white movie with white subtitles? Ummmm...