Oh boy, I can't describe how in love I am with these head adornments. I Agent Lover;

Today I am carpooling back to Dungog with my friend Manneh and my mum. It should be fun. I have to go to Dungog to practice a song tomorrow with my old high school music teacher as I'm singing at a wedding next weekend (Across The Universe).

Here's some lovely mail I've received of late;

^ A lovely collaged envelope from Linsey.

^ Envelopes from a swap, they all fit inside one another. Inside the last envelope were these gorgeous swap tags the sender made for me;

^ This beautiful postcard from Erika.

& Here's an envelope I decorated for GirlZootZilla, close your eyes if you're reading!;

I sent her back twenty questions. Here are a couple I put in;

I'd love a pack of these postcards/notecards to send to my dearests, from here;

Here's some images I've saved in my Tumblr recently;