Well, well, well... this here is my 100th post on this little blawg. I've been trying to think of some way of celebrating it, like a giveawway or the like, but nothing is really coming to mind. Any requests? Haha.

Well, today was a rather lovely mail day. I sent out a bunch of stuff (7 postcards and 2 letters) and received some lovely instant mail karma when the postman arrived;

My favourite mail artists and publishers of Good Mail Day sent me an awesome little surprise package that contained an wonderful zine they made about making their book;

I also got this sweet Postcrossing postcard from the US;

A letter from my pen friend Lila in Poland. I love all of the elephant stamps;

And a Swap-bot cd swap which included this cute card;

Outgoing mail included;

^ A postcard I decorated for November's Benevolent Postcard Society mail out.

A few quick things I've found interesting of late:
Things Bogans Like - my new favourite blog.
Parking attendant makes millions
This Lichtenstein inspired Halloween costume;

I'm obsessed with 'nooks' lately, and this has to be one of my favourites (via you are my fave);

Yesterday when I got home in a bad mood C said that he had something to show me that would cheer me up, and linked me to these photos - Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan (from Buffy) and their baby dressed as kangaroos, I can only assume the occasion was Halloween, but who knows! Definitely made me smile;

Did I mention it's freaking 40 degrees!? (104 F), and it's only Spring :( I'm meeeeeeelting... C bought me frozen yoghurt and I am so eating all of it when he goes to work :P I have heard a sad little dog a few houses up just whining and whining all day, I hope he hasn't been locked in all day in the heat! :(

PS. A little hello to miss Lauren, thank you for the lovely chat! I hope I got this posted before you went to bed!