Just some outgoing mail scans today;

Above are the two postcards I just addressed and decorated for Missive Maven's cat postcard swap. C suggested that include his favourite cat related quote on the cards:
"Cats are like greatness: some are born into cat loving families, some achieve cats and some have cats thrust upon them"
- William H. A. Carr

For some reason I've really taken to sticking receipts on the backs of envelopes. I don't really buy very interesting items, but I find them to be fascinating often-discarded scraps of a time and place.

The lovely Bright Side Project are running an awesome 16 Sparrows stationery giveaway that I am very excited about. To enter you had to answer the question: What's the best package or letter you ever received? I thought for a moment about it and then I remembered, I think the best package I ever received came when I was about ten, when somebody left a long, dirty old football sock full of beautiful old Derwent pencils in my mail box with a note that said “For Bianca”. It was totally bizarre, but wonderful. I still have the pencils and I still don't know who put them in my mail box.

Tonight I learned where my surname might have came from (via a Facebook group of people with my surname - it only has thirty people, ha);
During the Spanish Armada, many sailors were shipwrecked in the British Isles and for perhaps many reasons, the Spanish "Iago" becomes "Jago" there. Evidence of this may be seen in the fact that Santiago, Chile, was once also known as Saint Jago. The Spanish Governor of Chile at the time was Ambrose O'Higgins, an Irishman. Perhaps he had known "Iago" as "Jago"? 'Jagoe' is often a Spanish variant of 'James'. The reason for the "e" is not clear.
And just quietly, I am very grateful to have a lovely boyfriend who will ride his bike 5km to the shops at midnight just to buy me girly items :)