So, I successfully purchased a camera today. The salesman was dodgy, but I came out of it without too much of a hole in my (mum's) pocket. I also picked up a new folder for holding mail, some Moleskine cahiers and a cute little notebook (for drawing something in once a day each day in 2010) among other things. Now, here's what I wanted to show you - this little bundle of joy arrived in my mail box this week from Arizona. Check out this mail bag! (it's already got some of my mail in it);

And here is what arrived in the mail bag;

Including postcards, magnets, bubblegum, delicious peach mints, scented bookmarks, a cupcake shaped notepad and various other wonderful miscellanea. I really can't thank Garci enough for such an incredible generous gift. It was overwhelming to open. The mail bag is made by a cute little place called Blue Q and it's made from 95% recycled post consumer material which definitely gives it another tick from me. It's going to come in ridiculously handy - I'm going to use it to store my 'mail kit' when I go away and put mail in when I go to the Post Office. I love it!

Definitely one of the best things the postman has ever delivered to me. I hope one day I have the funds to send something as equally awesome back her way.