^ toey.

Today I wandered around Newcastle, visited my beloved Blackbird Corner, bought some overpriced items at Blue Star Elements and generally pottered around and by the end of the day I must have walked like, 7kms. My feet would really appreciate a nice rub and a foot bath (*hint* C) and my skin has a lovely red hue to it after walking in the sun all day. Here are some of the things I purchased;

^ A Cavallini & Co file folder to cut up into envelopes, Cavallini & Co stickers, two sets of Courtney Brims postcards, double-sided tape, fabric to make bows.

I also spent a big portion of my afternoon/evening doodling on envelopes, like so;

^ I really wish I had a photography light box to take photos like this with better detail. I just saw a DIY light box tutorial, but I don't know if it would be anywhere near as good as the real thing.

How was your day? :)

Incoming mail;

^ Isn't this envelope just a visual feast? I didn't have any idea that it was from a Swapbot swap until well into reading the letter that accompanied the wonderful bundle of things. I keep getting it out and looking over it, so good.

^ A fantastic little envelope from Shona in the UK. She's only fourteen but she writes a wonderful letter.

^ This little envelope is actually from my own little sister. Last time I wrote to her (she lives a little more than an hour away) as one of my mail tag requests I asked for a letter written by her boyfriend, and the letter he wrote me was so good. It made me laugh a lot. I'd post it here, but I think it might embarrass him. When I first moved to Newcastle my sister said something like "Yay, now you live far enough away that we can play mail tag!".

Outgoing mail;

I'm taking a page out of Missive Maven's book with her pledge to reply to 100 letters in March, and I'm trying to write 3 letters a day until my replies pile isn't so hefty. Right now it's at about 25-deep, obviously not as huge as Missive Maven's 100, but still hard to get through!

^ A letter to Passion. The envelope is made from photocopied foreign newspaper and I picked it up here.

^ An overdue letter to Malu. Envelope made from a page from an astrology book that C gave me to cut up.

^ Finally sending out my giveaway package for Garci, full to the brim!

^ A letter to the lovely French Olivia.

The next two envelopes are quite similar and I included similar things, though the letters are obviously very different. I wanted to send something special to these two ladies as they both sent me AMAZING packages this week. Obviously my small gift in return reflects my meagre finances, but I hope they like them nonetheless. I love those Courtney Brims postcard sets, but I'm yet to buy a set for myself!;

^ For Sandra.

^ For Elissa.

Tomorrow is my last sleep in before university starts again :( Waaaaah. And I'm still yet to regulate my sleeping patterns for early mornings. Bed for me!

Listening to: Living of Love - The Avett Brothers (can't wait to see them in April!)
Consuming: Iced biscuits.