Mr Postman

^ Isn't this just the best piece of mail art you've ever seen? It's from the Mail Me Art project.

Fill In The Blank Friday
(inspired by The Little Things We Do);

1. I am hoping my Valentine's day this year includes
nothing at all. Waking up next to the person I love every day is lovely enough that I don't think I need to celebrate my love on one day of the year with every other couple in the world.

2. My biggest guilty pleasure is sugar .

3. I am most proud of being happy after being unhappy for a long time .

4. If I could choose one outfit to live in it would be something completely new, I haven't bough an item of clothing in a really long time .

5. People are 72.8% water .

6. I would rather write letters than get drunk . Ha.

7. I love my my boyfriend's cooking more than eating out .

I just sneezed really loudly and I heard someone very clearly say 'bless you', but it wasn't C's voice so I felt confused, it was in fact a stranger walking past our front door. How lovely to be blessed by a stranger passing by. It doesn't feel like a blessing to sneeze a lot, but I do get blessed a lot. At the moment I have the migraine from hell, a sore toe, an almost empty bank account and C and I just rode our bikes to the stadium to watch the Jets lose 1-2. Though it is nice when you realise that the only problems in your life are minor ones. C and I also realised that as it was one of our favourite Jet's player's last home games with the club, it was probably the last game we will watch in the stadium before we move to Tasmania (the season is just about to finish) which made me a little sad. I definitely wasn't a soccer fan this time last year but the energy of being a part of that crowd, knowing every player and their stats and walking home after a loss (or the occasional win) are things I've become accustomed to.

I just came across a gorgeous giveaway (via Rhianne), by Laura from The Madness of Mundanity who is giving away a Lomolito, lomo fotoclips, a pretty polaroid brooch and some sweets, and to enter it requires that you fill in the blanks to the following, check it out, you should enter too;

I always: write back.
I sometimes: wear bright red lipstick.
I never: cook, wake up before 10am, wear heels, skip breakfast (because it's always made for me!).

And, before I go - some sweet mail I got today;

^ Cute see-through envie from Linsey, filled with fun stuff.

^ Handmade magazine envelope with a sweet note from Lauren.

^ Wonderfully hand-stitched envelope and a nice long letter from the gorgeous Carly.

^ My first letter from Patty and it was a great first letter. Sadly it seems the first letter she wrote me succumbed to what all letter writers fear... being lost in the post. I love the hat purse.

^ A lovely note from Chelsea, who is doing a kind of mail experiment, looking forward to replying.

^ A great package from my friend Paige who lives in Sydney. Her envelopes are always some of my favourites.

And last but not least, before the mail was kindly brought to me this morning, I spotted a little brown envelope on my desk already - it contained two tickets to tonight's Jets game, a bottle of my favourite perfume which I had run out of and a very sweet letter from C, all to commemorate a year (roughly) since we started seeing each other. Very sweet :);

^ 'Ank' is the nickname he uses for me.

Now I'm going to eat a cupcake and go bed to rest my weary head!