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Lately I've run out of good writing paper, but I do have a full cartridge of printer ink, so I've been printing out some sweet stationery, like these;

^ From Print A Day.

I bought some A4 sticker paper, so I've been trying out printing labels onto it;

^ From A Print A Day & Wolfie & Sneak.

I played around in Photoshop for a bit last night while C snoozed on the couch and used some brushes to make some sticker designs. Once I'd cut them out I realised that I have ridiculously stubby bitten fingernails and couldn't peel off the backing. Yet another reason why I should stop biting them. I'm gonna stick them all over everything! Perhaps another item for the Etsy shop?;

I made up an envelope out of a collage of air mail stickers I found on Flickr (I'm angry I can't find the link right now). Ideally I'd like to make my own air mail collage to use instead. I'll have to go through all my old letters and peel them off!;

Next post I'll have to link you to some of my favourite free downloadable printable stationery, there's a treasure trove of it!

I spent a great deal of today swapping my huge desk for C's little desk (he has a much bigger computer), and rearranging furniture to my liking. This is how the room turned out (I should've taken a before shot!);

C and I had our friend Kim over for dinner tonight and it was great fun. I am beginning to feel frustrated at meeting so many lovely new people and really enjoying uni at the moment, when I know I'm going to be packing up to leave in 4 months. The university in Launceston doesn't offer my course specifically, so I have three options - choose something else to study there (not ideal) - studying something in the same vein at TAFE (very informal) - or studying through another university by distance (meaning I won't get to actually go to university and meet people). Hmpf!

I have a project due for a class on Monday that involves creating two 'tangible items' that symbolise two particular contrasting words, they will then be placed into pillow cases and somebody else in the class will reach into the cases, touch the items inside (without looking) and it should evoke those words, though without using any obvious symbolism (eg. if your word was 'fast' you can't use a matchbox car, you have to create something that actually gives the feeling of it being 'fast') My words are 'intelligent' and 'dumb'. I have NO IDEA what I am going to do. I only work in visuals! This project feels umpossible! After I've made them I have to do a write up about the process. Argh! Wish me luck!

Happy weekend folks!