^ unknown.

Last night C's brother and his wife and children came over for dinner and we made sushi and I baked cupcakes. Very delicious;

When I was seven I really wanted a violin, and my dad, who lived alone in a housing commission flat on government payments bought me one (probably with some help from my mum), however I never got lessons or learned how to play, and now the violin is too small for me. C's eight year old niece has wanted to play violin for about a year and I finally got it back this week from a friend who had borrowed it, so I donated it to eight year old Elly for as long as she'll play it.

^ I don't do outfit photos very often, but this is what I wore when C and I went out on Thursday night. I realised that all of my clothes are too old for me to remember where they were from!

^ These are all of my red shoes; L-R Portland, Sportsgirl, Havaianas, Diana Ferrari, Betts, no name and I Love Billy.

^ I bought some cute tape airmail tape last week from Pretty Tape.


^ This letter came from Ria in New Mexico. She even sent me a package of New Mexican sand!

^ A lovely letter from Livia, she has a good sense of humour.


^ A package for Megan. The little box I used was sent to me by my bank and I thought I'd repurpose it. Full of lots of bits and pieces. She requested a mix cd, but I realised it wouldn't fit in this package, so I made two packages to send her;

^ A package of ephemera for Jennie of Red Letter Day.

Items I have out from the library;
Alas I Cannot Swim - Laura Marling
Coachella (dvd)
For Emma Forever Ago - Bon Iver
Gilmore Girls Season 1
How To Be (dvd)
Into The Wild (dvd)
John Safran Vs God series
Lars and the Real Girl (dvd)
Pineapple Express
Thankyou For Smoking (dvd)
Thankyou For Smoking (book)
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (dvd)
The L Word Season 1
The Good Life (dvd)
The Science of Sleep