Sew Mini

^ via mrypwrs (click to make big)

Last week I bought my first sewing machine. It is tiny and not terribly hi-tech, but it does everything I need it to and I've had a lot of fun sewing up envelopes and fixing ripped clothes so far, ha. I love its name too - Sew Mini;

My mum and her partner got back from Japan on the weekend and she supplied me with a bunch of cool Japanese paper and a pair of odd-toed geisha socks;

Here are some photos I've been taking for a uni assignment (that I'm fairly certain I'm going to fail);

^ Coorei mountain, Dungog.

^ Barrington Tops.

^ View across Newcastle Harbour to the shipyard.

^ Powerlines leading to Dungog hills.

^ The pattern on my parents' bedroom ceiling.

^ Leadlight colours on my parents' front door.

^ A very cute postcard from Linsey in OK.

^ A very sweet giveaway package from lovely miss Kelly of The Tea Children. It included an awesome little zine by Kirbee Lawler.

Uni doom is upon me, but I pushed it aside to write some quick letters to include with postcard packs;

^ For my childhood friend Sal, who purchased some postcards.

^ For giveaway winner number one, Tiffany.

^ For giveaway winner number two, Beatriz.

^ For giveaway winner number three, Rondy.

^ A letter and a postcard pack for lovely Bree.

Now, back to the uni grindstone. Boo.