Viva Mail

^ Geninne.

Things my hilarious postman has been delivering to me;

^ Fabulous things from Sally of Queenie and the Dew.

^ A wonderfully decorated bit of green from Lauren.

^ And another gorgeous package from Lauren full of goodies. That envelope is superb. It also included a pamphlet about what can and can't be mailed in the US which I can only assume was added after she sent it, fascinating!

^ Another expectedly brilliant letter from Missive Maven. She included an excellent V-mail fold and mail envelope.

^ Tesra sent me a lovely first letter and a bundle of cute things.

^ A great postcard from miss Zoot.

^ A package from the gorgeous Melbournite miss Brodie, which included a wicked mix cd and some lovely Polaroids. I've already collaged up an envelope for my reply.

^ Mariah sent me such a lovely letter.

My meagre outgoing;

^ A little something for Min for her birthday last week. I LOVE those Bonjour name tags.

^ Elissa purchased my Polaroid camera and I thought it would be humorous to send it to her in this Eeyore childrens box. I wonder how that chocolate fared?

^ A long overdue letter for beautiful miss Faiza. I was so sleepy last night when I wrote her letter that I can hardly remember what I wrote! I hope it was at least legible! The envelope is made from an Italian language version of The Rainbow Fish.

^ A bloated Buffy comic envelope for Passion.

^ For Ria in New Mexico, finally.

^ Some time ago Ria sent me a bit of a postal experiment, a box of jelly (jello if you're American), to see how it would arrive. She also sent a bottle with a coin in it, but it still remains to be seen. So, I thought I would repay the favour and send her something unconventional - so I slapped an address label and an airmail sticker on the back of a book I've had for years and wrote her a note in the inside cover. I wonder how bruised and battered it will arrive?

^ And last but not least, a quick postcard to miss L Scott to thank her for the lovely mail she's been sending my way of late.

Viva Mail!