I Left My Heart In San Francisco

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Mail, (very early) on a Monday morning.

^ Megz, who I started writing to via Sendsomething.net, sent me a bundle of cute mini zines. I also love the obvious spelling mistake on the envelope - cute!

^ I have not seen a single episode of Glee, though C and I have been debating whether or not to try it - lovely miss Malu in the Philippines sent me the first season so I'll be able to watch it at my leisure. Such a lovely envelope and stamps.

^ Angelia wrote me a super prompt and lovely reply in an awesome map envelope.

^ A first and very lovely letter from Elisabeth in Norway.

^ Min's envelopes are always very impressive. I love the mug-shot Bowie on the front and her handmade altered Brad Pitt stationery is fabulous.

My first week off from uni and I get to write letters again - I would like to, at the very least, match my weekly incoming mail. I hate sending late letters!

^ This envelope was great fun to make. It was hard to stop with the details. Hope you like it and its contents miss Pugly Pixel! :)

^ My first letter to miss Brodie. That envelope was fun to make! Hello Molly Ringwald!

^ The mix I made for Brodie wouldn't fit in the first envelope, so I made another. The mix cd sleeve is from Benign Object and can be downloaded and printed like so.

^ A tiny little fish envelope for Audrey in Malaysia.

^ An Escher envelope for Diana in Romania.

^ Another Escher for Sarah in South Australia.

^ A Mad Men inspired envelope for Lady Zoot.

^ My very early birthday present for my little sister (her birthday is in August)! I'm bad at keeping secrets, so I had to give it to her early. Hello camera!

C and I passed through the op-shop closest to our house this week and he spotted this great old atlas for me for envelope making and I sat there for the next hour and made about 50 envelopes. Tiring stuff! You'll see a lot of them around these parts.

^ That's where I live :) See that island at the bottom? That's where I'll live in one month! Eeep!

I went on a trek today to locate the fabled Newcastle 'Centenary Centre' which is basically a big building containing 25 little antique and vintage shops right in the city. I found it and it didn't disappoint. Of course, I forgot my camera and I didn't get to photograph its beauty. I can't believe I'd never been there before. There was way too much stuff in that place and I could hardly choose what to take home with me, but I did get a huge double breasted knitted red cardigan (which was so heavy it broke its own coat hanger and will be so warm in Tasmania) and this silk scarf. For the sake of my bank account I don't think I should ever go back;

What's San Francisco like?