10 Quick Mail Related Links

Trevor Dickinson from my hometown is drawing 100 Newcastle mailboxes.

Just Noey has a cute range of 'Post a Plates' at her Etsy, mail good enough to eat off! (via Milly)

✍ Have you discovered the wonders of Bad Postcards? It is a treasure trove of slightly unfortunate vintage American postal items.

Map Envelope lets you print out a template for an envelope that is lined with your Google Maps location.

✍ Ever wanted to tweet by snail mail? Similarly, Dawdlr asks you to send them a postcard telling them "what are you doing, you know, more generally?".

✍ How would one Google without the internet? How about Snail Mail Google? Mail away your search and see if they write back.

✍ An oldie but a goodie - the ol' Postcarden - in Botanical, Allotment, City and Football varieties. It arrives as a card and you transform it into a tiny garden.

✍ I was never a Mr Bean fan as a kid, but this video of Mr Bean trying to post a letter did make me smile.

✍ My grandma makes hand-made quilted fabric postcards - though mine will never live up to her glory I'm thinking about trying my hand at it, I found a bit of a how-to here.

✍ Nutre Jewellers make a collection of wooden rings that you send as postcards and then assemble. Cute! Likewise, you can Build Your Own New York with constructible NY building postcards.