^ Lawralies.

It's been a while - a mail post.

^ Mail from Jane is fabulous.

^ Sweet miss Shona sent me this pretty envelope.

^ Such a great postcard, from Linsey. This postcard totally sells Tennessee for me :D

^ Something slightly mysterious looking from Missive Maven.

^ Lovely blue from Sarah in South Aus.

^ Pretty and pink from Argentinean Jaza.

^ I ordered some of Definatalie's pretty postcards and she sent them to me in this gorgeously decorated envelope, they're 5cents each so you should probably grab a bundle!

^ Something cute from Faiza, the envelope inside this envelope was also gorgeous but I forgot to capture it.

^ A wonderful collaged postcard from Mad Madge of Can I Mail This?

^ This unassuming envelope contained a very odd assortment of things and no explanation. At first I was very confused and had no idea who it was from but I worked out it was from a friend of a friend, now I'm considering what to send back.

^ A second sweet letter from Melissa in Georgia.

^ Something wonderful and green from Delwyn in Queensland.

^ A brilliant little letter from Monica, she's had a penpal hiatus for several months so I'm very happy to be corresponding with her again.

^ A cute stamp adorned envelope from Kendra. It arrived post-damaged and in a plastic bag so I hope nothing was lost!

ALSO: These three lovely letters came to me weeks ago but were some how hidden in the depths of my camera :( Thankfully Zoë commented to ask if I'd received her letter and I realised I'd never posted it;

^ My name in sparkles and a bundle of wonderful things from Zoë. I have searched high and low and cannot find those 'Hello My Name Is' labels anywhere in Aus so I am more than happy to have received some!

^ A lovely little note from Eve with a great fruit stamp.

^ A little decorated envelope with a bow from Tessica.

^ I ordered a bundle of vinyl stickers from various Redbubble artists last week and they just arrived, aren't they gorgeous? The white space around each image isn't part of the sticker, they're all perfectly cut to shape.
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^ I didn't get to see him before we left, but I stuck this thank you card to the front of our mailbox for our postman - hope he got it! He never did tell us his name so he will forever be the Fern Street Postman (Ps. He used to call C 'Captain').

^ A postcard of a place called 'The Nut' in Tasmania which I have never visited, for my ex-housemate back at Fern Street.

^ Belated mail for Belen.

^ Writing Blanca's name really feels like I'm misspelling my own!

And this may just be the biggest item of mail I'll ever receive;

^ It's my bicycle! I have to wait until C comes home from uni to assemble it though! Pictures will follow!

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