Handclaps & Fingersnaps

Today is the second last day to enter the mix share swap. Anyone can participate regardless of music taste, location or anything else, just throw me an email at biancajagoe [at] gmail.com . I'll match up the majority of names today and then tomorrow afternoon I'll email them all out. The swap is officially closed :) Here is a collection of some mix CD packaging I thought was particularly sweet;

+ kabartist and kthro

+ elo vazquez and brown line at night

+ charlie wheatley

+ cianaa and matthew stephen edwards

+ mystery moor

+ every in orbit 1 and 2

+ sevenphonecalls and melanie richards

+ utifallatt and roman à clef

+ dirty boots samantha 1 and 2

+ jackiearr and threw_a_spark

+ dirty boots samantha 1 and 2

+ parallel botany

+ charlie wheatley

+ mystery moor and brown line at night

+ mystery moor and almost phony

Hope they provide you with some inspiration :)