^ Sweet Sugar Belle

This bundle of incoming all came today - this mail direction thing seems to mean that all of my mail comes on Mondays or Thursdays. I have to peel these ugly big yellow stickers off each letter before I photograph them. I look forward to being able to put a new address up here soon. I am considering getting a PO box instead (as long as it isn't too far away from my new house!). Today I picked up my bike and awkwardly rode it around city park. Curse my short legs. Not being able to touch the ground is scary. Anyhow, onto the mail!;

^ This pretty Marilyn envelope from Lauren was full of papery goodies.

^ My first, very sweet letter from Shelita in Baton Rouge.

^ A very cute Dumpling Dynasty envelope from Sophie in Melbourne.

^ A lovely letter from Fatima in Bahrain.

^ Fabulous snail-shaped snail-mail from Jessica of Snail-Mail Aficionado. Isn't he cute?

^ Gorgeous green from Passion. I think this letter had a bit of an adventure prior to finding me!

^ A long overdue letter to lovely Sally, who sends the prettiest mail art.

^ To dearest Lauren. I packed in as many different postcards as I could find.

^ To the lovely miss Rondel in Melbourne.

^ For my favourite Canberrian lady, Megan.

^ A bundle of Tasmanian postcards sent to family members, and my BPS mail out for August.