^ British postage stamp bangle by Talitha Astrellita - she has a bunch more gorgeous postage stamp jewellery at her etsy. I love it!

^ It was lovely and sunny in C's parents' backyard yesterday afternoon so I set up the outdoor table and took some mail outside to write, but I only got one postcard scribbled on by the time the sun went behind the big building at the back of C's parents' property. Boo. It's impossible for plants to get any sunshine or for washing to dry in the backyard as soon as the sun goes behind that building. I'll try again tomorrow - the last day of Winter! I have officially braved my first Tasmanian Winter and it really isn't as bad as they make it out to be.

^ I received my first cd from the Mix Share Swap from one of my partners - lovely miss Molly. Her mix was wonderful - I loved every song. She called the mix 'What The Doctor Ordered' , wrapped it in a pharmacy bag and wrote the track listing on a mock-prescription sheet. Loved it!

^ I was very excited to receive this package - a yummy bundle of things I won from Messy Carla's recent giveaway. The whole package smelled delicious thanks to the candy and I shared it with C. The big heart earrings are definitely my favourites, though C thinks they're too eighties and look like clip-ons (part of why I love them I think :D).

^ There's something about Jane's mail art style that I find just irresistible. She sent me the sweetest little gift - one of her gorgeous zines and an Ohio name plate! I love it! It reminded me that one of my other pen pals, Wendy, sent me a name plate from Tennessee several months ago and I so attached them both to my bike. I find it pretty hilarious that anyone who sees me riding by knows my name. I'd love to collect one from every US state! :D;

^ Garci has sent me so many wonderful things over the duration of our penfriendship and always caters to my red-love. This time she varied it and sent a bundle of yellow (I love a good yellow too) - isn't it lovely? The recipe on the back makes my mouth water. I love the idea of putting a one-colour letter together!

^ My very first letter from Sharni, and it included many bits of my favourite colour! Absolutely lovely. I can't wait to write back.

^ My first lovely letter from Helen.

^ A delightful letter from Molly that came today. Yarm, gold coins!

^ Diana asked me if she could Paypal me for a copy of the latest issue of Frankie and I packaged it up yesterday. It's 2g over 500g at the moment (after 500g the postage almost doubles) so I'm trying to think of some way of chipping off that 2g - remove some tape? Maybe I can charm one of the post ladies into letting me only pay for 500g!

^ A little letter for Bree, a writer of lovely zines, in South Australia.

^ Colourful monkeys for Bella.

^ A doodled-on envelope for Rhiannon in Western Australia.

^ Lots of red for Ngaire in Victoria.

^ A letter for Eve in Florida.

^ Postcards for Carissa back near my home city.

^ A postcard to congratulate Lauren on her big news.

^ Something colourful for miss 'Shampoo' in Illinois.

^ Free postcards for Shana back in my beloved Newcastle.

^ I sent C's brother & sister-in-law and their two children separate postcards I thought they'd like. The Tasmanian tulips for Adam & Lil (mum & dad), one of my postcards for 9-year old Elyse and a Stuff On My Cat postcard for Mr 3, Marley.

^ A little rainbow fish envelope with a letter for Delwyn.


^ We spot a lot of kitties around Launceston - C took this photo of a ginger cat while we were out last week. Cutie!

^ My favourite home made breakfast; honey, Greek yoghurt, strawberries, kiwi fruit & banana (and I'd smother it with muesli it I could, but it's full of gluten, wah). Nom!