An Unconventional Letter

^ Mesca looking enthused about my mail.

I took so many photos of this one missive that I thought it may need its own post. Lovely miss Mary sent me a gorgeous letter written in an exam booklet a few months ago and I thought I'd send something similar back using an exercise book. The cover;

I covered the book with kraft paper, decorated the exterior, filled the pages with a letter, collaged bits and pieces and drawings, then punched holes through the edge of the book, threaded bakers twine through the holes and tied them to secure the book so it won't come open in transit. I sent it as is (without an enclosing envelope) and slapped as much postage as I could on the cover. Here are some of the pages;

^ The library cards in this pouch included lists of 'Regular people names I'd like to name cats', 'Things I have done in Tassie since arrival' and 'Things I will miss which contain gluten' (it is my fourth gluten-free day and I am feeling far better).

^ "How many "faces" lie hidden, waiting for the time when curious eyes will find them in their secret places. In the heart of a leaf or the bark of a tree. In the frozen pond or the turning sea. In the twist of a chair or the look of a key or the shrivelled skin of an elephant's knee" - Irwin Dermer.

^ Rebecca in the UK sent me this scrap of paper some time ago which stated a kind of 'Rules of tea/life', I have no idea where they're from but they are as follows;

If you do the small things well, you will do the big things well.
Show respect for the person you are making tea for. You should show all people an equal amout of respect.
There are no shortcuts in life, making a cup of tea can teach you that.
You will only be as good as your last cup. Consistency is important.
Always have the right ingredients and the right tools for the job. Never skimp on either.
No matter how busy you are, you always need time for a break. It helps put everything into perspective.
Always put others first. If someone likes weak tea don't give them strong tea just because that is what you like.
Be open to new ideas. Maybe putting the milk in last has some benefits.
Don't go to the trouble of making a great cuppa only to spoil it with cheap biscuits.

^ I reused this cd case that Danielle sent me a mix in.

^ I drew this for a competition I never entered.

Hope it finds her safely!