^ Pishposh and Poppycock.

^ Man this was a sweet package! I loved everything Sally included and her letter was superb. A total delight to receive. I think that handkerchief is too precious to blow my nose on!

^ This colourful envelope comes from a lass called Emily Jean from Folsom. I smiled at the picture of Dorothy on the front saying "I don't think we're in Folsom anymore". Very sweet.

^ I sent Marguerite some of my free postcards a week or two ago and she sent me back the loveliest thank you card with some great stickers.

^ C's sister in law sent us this cute bonbon made from toilet paper rolls covered in paper. I waited until C got home from uni and we cracked it and two love-heart shaped lollipops fell out as well as a very cute drawing 3-year old Marley made for us of one of our cats. I'm going to try my hand at making my own bonbons for Christmas.

^ This sweet package was my second Mix Share Swap package and contained a bunch of gorgeous stuff from Jenn in England. I opened it on the sunny kitchen table this afternoon while I drank my tea and the note she included was as lovely as the items she included. I'm yet to listen to her mix but I'm thinking of putting it on as we arrange our furniture in our new house.

^ A very sweet letter from lovely Patty in Virgina. I owe her a letter for her last letter! Have you written Patty a letter? I think you should.

^ My first lovely letter from a Californian lady named Elle. Isn't that envelope something!? I love me some Anne Taintor. Her letter was just as wonderful as her envelope.

My mail-to-reply-to pile has hit 50 again and I can never seem to get it much below that. If you're waiting on a letter from me, you will get it I promise! I haven't forgotten you! I realised recently that I have no idea how many people I communicate with via post, but I have a feeling it would be in the vicinity of 75-100. That's a lot of letters! Hope you will forgive my postal tardiness. I am going to spend my November-March holidays happily churning out letters!

^ I've been collecting bits and pieces to send to Lauren for some time, though I intended to send them to her for her birthday, which isn't until November. I got impatient and decided I'd send them to her England address where she is about to move to. Hopefully it will be there to greet her upon arrival. I photographed all of the things inside, but I thought I'd just show them wrapped up so it remains a surprise for her. I'm sure she'll show the contents when she opens it. That wrapping paper is my favourite. So much fun to put together.

^ I've owed Wendy a package for some time, so I finally put some things together to send off. Hope she digs it. The card I was meant to include made the parcel just over 500g, so it was cheaper to send it separately. Hope they arrive at the same time!

^ A 'Stuff on My Cat' postcard for my stepbrother.

^ A belated father's day postcard for my mum's partner, Jeff. Of course this postcard would be funnier if sent from a child to a father, but I wanted to send it to him anyway. It's from my SomeEcards postcard pack, there are some gems in it.

^ Some free postcards for miss Arjen.

^ A long belated letter for Stephanie.

^ Some free postcards for Eunice in Wales.

So, we have a house! It's not amazing, but it has two bedrooms, a bright purple kitchen and bathroom, is right in the city, a one-minute walk to the supermarket, a ten second walk to the cafe district, a three minute walk to the park and 600m to the nearest post office (I checked on Google maps, ha). We applied for the house about two weeks ago and were the only people at the inspection, however our application was rejected by the owners (I'm not sure why yet) and the real estate never called us back. C's parents invited their real estate agent over for afternoon tea yesterday (who happens to work for the same real estate the rental is through) and they chatted to him about it and he promised to put in a good word for us. Half an hour after he left we got a call that said "if you want the house it's yours", to which I squealed. It seems that the 'house gods' are really just high up real estate agents. The moral of this story is - make friends with real estate agents. C's parents said I should make him a card to thank him, I'm thinking some kind of collage with houses in it, ha. My internettings will no doubt be sporadic over the next week or so while we move in and get utilities and internet connected. Most importantly, I will have a new address to display here soon. Stay tuned :D