^ My teeny tiny snowman.

Yesterday I saw snow for the first time. When I was a kid I was taken to a place called Barrington Tops not far from our house to see snow, but the 'snow' there was this sludgy brown mucky stuff, not much good for snowman making or snowball throwing and so I wrote it off and decided I really had to see real snow. So, yesterday C and his parents and I took a drive to a little country town to go to a supposedly 'rockabilly' themed fair, however standing at the gates it looked no good, so we sat in a park, ate our lunch and then went for a drive up into some beautiful Tasmanian mountains. It was amazing driving through the most majestic scenery I have ever seen and knowing this is where I now live. Those mountains are an hour from my home. Sadly I didn't get many photo opportunities as we were mostly in a vehicle, but C did take some funny photos of me playing with snow for the first time. When I say snow, it was really little patches of snow off the sides of the road out of the sun, but it was fluffy and white and I made a tiny snowman and was excellent fun to play with. I threw many snowballs at C's dad and my hands throbbed with pain from the icyness.

^ Snow feet.

^ Touching snow for the first time.

^ Slippery! And complaining about my hands swelling up due to touching too much snow.

^ Trying to hit C's dad with a snowball and him hurling one back.

^ This was the view from the mountain we were standing on. A beautiful natural alpine lake.

^ Skipping off after playing with snow.

Snow is my new favourite thing ever! I can't wait until next Winter!