^ Collage shoes by Hevs Illyria (via Good Mail Day)

^ A lovely letter and some goodies from Shelita. I now have $5US - a few months ago this would have been worth a lot in Australian dollars! I still find the fact that American notes are made of paper amazing!

^ Lauren sent me a postcard from the pack I gave her - very cool.

^ A wonderful Halloweeny package from Olivia in Quebec.

^ The print Allana gifted me, before I put it in a frame. Isn't it beautiful?! And it came with a Diana postcard.

^ A very sweet little letter from Susan in California.

^ Molly sent me one of her Disposable Lens Project cameras and I had the theme "home", which I found surprisingly challenging considering I have just moved homes/cities/states. I've since sent it back. A very cool project!

^ Californian lady Laura sent me a beauteous red-themed package. I have never seen the Emily Strange postcards before - I love 'em! And I love anything Mexican, so those Mexican lottery game cards are very up my alley.

^ Something a little Halloweeny from Melissa in Georgia.

^ Another delightful note from Rusty in Oklahoma. Zebras!

^ Amy in Brisbane sent me another expectedly lovely letter and this excellent ring I'd been eyeing off in her sister's very cool Esty shop - Your Organ Grinder.

^ A sweet note from Maria in Nebraska.

^ Raggedy Ann & Andy on an envelope with some pretty red things from Kirsten.

^ Another grand letter from Belen. Her letters make me very happy. I loved the faux wax seal sticker and the Hawaiian shirt inspired writing paper. Thank you miss!

^ The $10 zine grab bag I ordered from Bird In The Hand.

^ And last but not least - a stamped and addressed box of crayons from Lauren. Too good! :D I'm going to try to find something unconventional to send in return.