^ Q is for Quilter

As you have probably noticed my outgoing mail rarely rivals my incoming and this week was no different!

^ A fabulous postcard from the desk of Liz.

^ This package smelled delicious even before I opened it - a beautiful lavender scented bundle of goodies from Marguerite who I am very happy to add to my penpal list.

^ A sweet note from Jackie.

^ A whole hoard of lovely things from Ngaire including a sweet journal I am considering allocating as a new travelling journal.

^ Something sweet from Eve.

^ One of Ria's own postcards.

^ An altered postcard from Molly from her swap.

^ A grand package from lovely Liz in Canada.

^ Very cute postcards and a sweet note from Sammy.

^ I forgot to photograph the great contents of this envelope from Emilie, but her letter was superb. It made a stop over at my old address and was escorted to me by my little sister who flew down this week.

^ Another item which was delivered to my old address and hand delivered to me by my sister. Lauren filled up a gelato container with a beautiful red satin bag, a handkerchief and a sweet note. I am definitely going to send her something odd!

^ Collaged airmail for Emily in Folsom, CA.

^ A pink woman for lovely Elle.

^ Something a little punk for Charlotte in Oxford, UK.

^ Tied with a ribbon for Fanni in Hungary.

In other news, my sister and her best friend head back to Newcastle tomorrow after four days in Tasmania with me. It has been so nice having the company, I have missed her a lot. Today we went for a trek around town (erm, 6.5kms?) and to the Gorge and I am sunburned and so tired but it was lovely.

Also, next week I start some part time work at a supermarket. It was funny actually because, of course this isn't the type of work that makes me feel super excited to do, but after the interview I thought the experience might be of some amusement to document and turn the mundanities into a zine. I will report back. At the very least, extra stamp money is always appreciated. An hour working will get me about 30 regular stamps, haha.

Hope your weekend is sweet.