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I've been surprisingly and exhaustingly busy lately and letter writing and blogging seem to have taken a bit of a back seat to constant working, but I am hoping to remedy this and start to schedule some posts. I hope you've had a good week so far :)

This week;
+ choosing great christmas gifts and being able to afford to buy some this year.
+ working with lovely folk.
+ peanut butter and chocolate soy milkshakes.
+ the mailart365 project that i just signed up to - maybe you should too? :)
+ having a fun interview yesterday for study next year.
+ going to see harry potter by myself yesterday with a free ticket, so sad there's only one film left!
+ hot milos and reading the paper at work before/after a shift.
+ dry shampoo.
+ the new series' of misfits and dexter.
+ my big red new comfy computer chair.
+ watching back to back downloaded episodes of daria.
+ edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros.
+ winning pip's lovely giveaway.
+ daniel radcliffe on the graham norton show.

- having little time for blogging/writing and feeling exhausted when i'm not at work.
- waking up tired.
- a bottle of bbq sauce falling off the conveyor belt at work when i was serving a customer and it splattering all over the floor (it was slightly comedic).
- awful loud drunk men taking up residence in my favourite park and making me feel scared when i ride my bike through it.
- my disobedient fringe.
- my doctor telling me i have 'extremely high' cholesterol and me having no idea why (i don't drink milk or eat dairy or fried foods).
- worrying about being able to juggle classes 5 days a week next year and work.
- finding my dream shoes online but not being able to find anywhere to purchase them.

^ I made this bangle recently from a plain wooden bangle from Spotlight and a bunch of used red postage stamps and glue (with some inspiration from the beautiful stamp jewellery at Talitha Astrelita). I'm definitely planning on making more in different colours.

^ I'd never embroidered anything before, but I had fun making this yesterday.

^ One of the mantelpieces in our house covered in knick-knacks.

^ A little view of part of my (slightly messy) lounge room.

^ Some of my Frankie posters on one of our lounge room walls.