Five Photos, Five Facts

♡ I was born with blue eyes, then after a few weeks one got a speck of brown in it which slowly got bigger and since I have had one brown eye and one blue eye. It is called heterochromia.

♡ When I was a kid our tiny Chihuahua named Claude was swooped up (and presumably devoured) by a hawk!

♡ My favourite band is called Why?.

♡ In high school I was the singer in an all girl punk band called Goat Bastard - it was named prior to my joining and I think it is the worst name for a band EVER.

♡ People who really inspire me include Tim Minchin, Stephen Fry, Bob Brown, Clare Bowditch, Richard Dawkins, Justin Heazlewood and Pip Lincolne.

Speaking of whom, this meme comes from Pip's blog, here. Feel free to join in.