This Charming Cat

Yesterday a new little friend entered my life, his name is Morrissey and he's five weeks old.

Morrissey enjoys scratching, crying, snoozing, galloping down the hallway, sitting in the fruit bowl, biting and being scratched under his chin. C thinks that considering the amount of whinging he's prone to, he's not unlike his namesake.

I am sure he'll make a few guest appearances on this blog in the future.

C and I had a hilarious time catifying Morrissey song titles this morning. Excuse the lameness, ha;
- You're The One For Me Catty
- Good Looking Cat About Town
- My Life Is A Succession of Cats Saying Meow
- Life Is A Catsty
- Driving Your Cat Home
- I'm Throwing My Arms Around Cats
- Pretty Cats Make Graves
- Cat Least Likely To
- I Want The Cat I Can't Have
- There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Cats
- The Cat With The Thorn In His Side
- Kitten In A Tutu
- Some Kittens Are Bigger Than Others