^ Daydream Nation

I am sorry for the crazy length of this post, I should really do these posts more often so they're not so long! I have received some gorgeous things lately;

^ Carissa, who lives not far from my home town, sent me an excellent package - so full of excellent papery goodies and miscellanea and chocolates :D Thank you kindly lady!

^ I was lucky enough to win Pip's giveaway and received a lovely bundle of handmade jewellery from her Etsy store. I adore her branding/packaging.

^ Lovely Christmas gifts from my sister - bright red kitchen canisters and vintage salt and pepper shakers.

^ An adorable Christmas card from Carly.

^ A postcard from the creator of Ask Alice Stationery, Sass.

^ I bought these great collage postcards from Vantiani on Etsy.

^ Wonderful papery things from my penpal Malu in the Philippines.

^ Another wonderful letter from Jaza in Argentina.

^ I was so glad to hear from lovely Caiti again after she's been moving around a bit.

^ An awesome postcard from Linsey.

^ My friend Soph sent me the cutest little mail themed brooches. Too good!

^ C's brother and sister-in-law sent me these excellent salt and pepper shakers.

^ An amazing gift from Carly. I was so glad it wasn't damaged at all in the post - it is so precious!

^ A little blue letter from Samantha in the UK.

^ Paul in Portland sent me this very creatively assembled letter shaped like a key in a lock.

^ One of the coolest Christmas cards I've ever received, from Olivia in Montreal.

^ Sweet letters from Kiyasu.

^ Garci catered to my pop tart love and sent me an excellent handmade postcard.

^ An excellent bit of mail art from Jessica in Canada.

^ A fun postcard from Missive Maven - I'll definitely join you for waffles and wine :D (I should mention that I've never had waffles before!)

^ An excellent Christmas card from Diana. She's not very well at the moment and she's the least deserving person for such pain and discomfort - get well soon lady :(

^ Another beautiful Christmas card, sent from Sophie in Melbourne.

^ A lovely note from Rokia.

^ Gorgeous red mail art and red papery things from Kerrod in Western Australia.