The Pink Bike

Inspired by (trawling through the archives of) Christina's beautiful blog, City Girl Rides, this week I thought I'd take my bike out for a little photo shoot.

I ride my bike at least once a day, every day - she also escorts me the 5kms to work and back each day. I lock her up outside work and depending on which register I'm working on, I can usually keep an eye on her while I'm working and often see people admiring her.

I don't know what I would do without my bike, it is my most treasured possession. It has been the best investment I've made. It is a pleasure to ride and very fun to adorn with decorations (ribbons, paint charts in the spokes, name plates, etc). And although pink isn't my favourite colour (I was super keen for a red bike), riding a ridiculous, big baby-pink bike every day makes me smile.

You know the 'cost per wear' ratio? I think my cost per ride ratio is getting pretty low! (Ps. I do have my license but I've never had much interest in owning a car).

A collection of songs about/featuring bicycles;
- This Charming Man - The Smiths | "Punctured bicycle on a hillside desolate"
- Apology Song - The Decemberists | "I'm really sorry Steven, but your bicycle's been stolen"
- The Kickstand Song - Darren Hanlon | "What joy it'll bring, piece of metal and a spring, bolted down by the back wheel, activated by the heel"
- Bicycle - Memory Tapes | "We ride home in the night, while under our feet, the rain paints the street with the stars"
- Tony's Theme - The Pixies | "Ride around on my bicycle like a pony"
- Bicycle Song - Red Hot Chili Peppers | "How could I forget to mention that the bicycle is a good invention"
- Bike - Pink Floyd | "I've got a bike, you can ride it if you like, it's got a basket, a bell that rings, and things to make it look good"
- Busted Bicycle - Leo Kotke | [instrumental]
- Rory Rides Me Raw - The Vaselines | "Ride me slowly, ride me true"
- Let Me Lie - Trey Anastasio | "Gonna take my bike, gonna ride it slowly, gonna ride just how I like"
- Bicycle Race by Queen | "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike"
- Broken Bicycles - Tom Waits |
"Broken bicycles, old busted chains, rusted handle bars, out in the rain"
- Angel On My Bike - The Wallflowers | "She knows just what I like, the angel on my bike"
- Nine Million Bicycles by Katie Melua | "There are nine million bicycles in Beijing, that's a fact"
- I Thought You Were God - Clare Bowditch | "Riding that boys bike in the dark"
- Black Hole - She & Him | "I'm alone on a bicycle for two"

Any others you can think of? :)

Speaking of bikes, I bought the pattern for this beautiful crocheted bicycle skirt guard (below) last week. I have never crotched and I really don't know where to start, but I am confident that I can get it happening :p The Etsy store also sells the guards fully made, fairly cheap too! Will report back on my crocheting progress.

Happy bike riding!

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