Future Travels

Over the past few months my mum and I have been planning, little by little, a trip to the USA that we'd like to take together. We live 1000+kms apart and many lengthy phone conversations have ensued, full of excited ideas. We're hoping to travel in February 2012, for at least three weeks, up the West Coast and we have a bunch of places we're keen to see. Some of the major cities I'd like to visit are San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, somewhere just over the border in Mecixo and Vancouver and my mum is very keen on taking in some nature (she's fascinated by Yosemite at the moment). Much saving will be happening over the next 11 months I can tell you, though we're planning to have a pretty frugal time in the US, not stay in ritzy hotels, hire a car every day or take home a million souvenirs.

In aid of this trip, I've made a kind of online scrapbook for bits and pieces I come across - shops and attractions and places along the way we might like to visit. It's called West Coast Sojourn and I'd love any recommendations from fabulous American readers and any sweet folk who've had a West Coast sojourn of their own :) Any places you've stayed, shops you've visited, local attractions or places you would (or wouldn't) recommend. This will be my first time abroad and I know it's going to be very fun (though February feels like so far away right now!).