Pretty Mail

Just a handful of images I've been storing at my mail Tumblr and thought I'd share, credited where possible;

+ Image source unknown.

+ Bird No. 28 Print by Geninne

+ Envelope House Collage by Camilla Engman (via Tabitha Emma)

+ Sabine Pieper

+ Stamps and Cities Original Mixed Media Collage by Laura Prentice.

+ Viaje Mais Magazine Advertisement

+ Stamp map by Marc Alcock

+ Stamp Albums by Oixxo.

+ Image source unknown.

+ Envelope by The Kate Black

+ Osterreich Postage Purse by Tara Badcock

+ Knot & Bow stationery

+ Yellow Envelope by I Forgot My Password

+ Guide to making doily envelopes by Design.Mein

+ Handmade envelopes by Emily Berezin.