Things I Like To Discover About People + Adeline

For the next week or so you'll be seeing a few guest posts from some sweet folk I've met through this lovely blogging community. I will be home in Newcastle for the next eight days for my 21st birthday, seeing family and friends and immersing myself in my little home city. A few months ago I wrote a list called 'Things I Like To Discover About People' and the guest posts that are to follow are in response to that list. Adeline (to your left) first responded to this list on her blog and I thought I'd start off these guest posts by reposting her lovely entry (with her permission). She's a gorgeous French lady living in Norway and I adore her blog, Lady Croissant, x Bianca.

+ Late seventies, my grandma sits in the middle, surrounded by my cousins. The young man on the right is my dad.

+ In school, I had long curly hair and glasses. Yes, I straighten my hair and wear contacts, the truth is out.

+ And this is what I sound like when I laugh;

+ Things I Like To Discover About People;
- How they behave in a restaurant.
- How they react when you want to take a photo of them.
- How many pairs of shoes they own.
- If they're good huggers.

Have a beautiful week everyone!