Things I Like To Discover About People + Micaela

Another 'Things I Like To Discover About People' themed guest post, today from one of the sweetest ladies I've met on the interwebs, Micaela. She blogs at Dolce Vita, about her sweet life, x Bianca

+ Snippets of ours bedroom at Casa Di M.

+ My husband makes me laugh... being freely silly with the man you love is the greatest blessing.

+ My parents on their wedding day, 40 years ago - my mom grew up relatively poor in the Philippines and went to a catholic school. In fact, she was such an Elvis lover (a passion she passed on to me) that she would save her lunch money so she could see his latest film at the theatre. But when I see old photographs of her, you'd never know that she grew up in a third world country - not by her smile, her bob hair, and a-line dresses. I love that she has kept her same big smile over the years. My father moved to East L.A. in California from Mexico City. He was an athlete and liked to party back in the day - which is crazy now considering he is pretty conservative as an outreach minister for our church back home. It's still weird to see photos of my father (with thick black hair!) holding a beer bottle and every once in awhile smoking a cigarette.

+ This is a photo of me in high school signing yearbooks in the hall, lol. I was a senior class favourite along with my twinkie Marianne. I wrote for the school newspaper and wrote about sex, eating disorders, giving up the Olympics, to raising tigers. I was also part of the French club but probably my favourite thing to belong to was being chosen for PALS - a mentoring program where we got paired up with elementary kids from the surrounding schools who needed a little extra attention and help with school work. I loved it!

+ My curiosities - the handwriting and bedroom one is such a fun one!!! I love seeing people's houses :) and as I love mail- I love seeing handwriting!