Things I Like To Discover About People + yours truly

+ an unexpected windswept photo while walking to dinner on my 21st birthday.

I returned from my 'overseas' travels this evening on a plane just as the sun was setting over Launceston - I had a lovely birthday week and saw a whole lot of my favourite people. The time went really quickly and although I'm glad to be home (in this wonderful much, much cooler city) I wish I'd been able to spend more than a few hours with each of my loved ones, especially my baby niece, Rose - time goes too quickly when you only get to see babies a few times a year!

I hope you've enjoyed the guest posts that have popped up over the past week - I know some lovely internet folk! Thank you so much to all the sweet people who helped out while I was away! I will be returning to (and catching up with) my 30 Lists this week, but thought I'd share my own Things I Like To Discover About People post too;

I never received compliments about my handwriting until I started letter writing. My handwriting is really a hybrid version of two of my high school teachers' handwriting - it's quite long and sharp and I write very quickly. C's handwriting is almost entirely illegible and I've tried giving him 'handwriting lessons', so that I can read it!

My bedroom in our new house is very plain and has nothing very worthy of photographing (I like my bedroom not to be distracting and not have things in it that make me want to stay in bed!). When I lived with my parents I would spend hours decorating my room, so I thought I'd share photos of it. I moved out not long after these photos were taken and since I've not made much effort with my bedrooms. I got the racing car bed for my 16th birthday - I often wish I could still sleep in it!

I was school president in my last year of high school (photo 2) but prior to that I well and truly stretched the boundaries of our school uniform (photo 1) - arms full of bracelets, red lipstick, mismatched shoes, bright stockings, unusual hats, etc. I tidied up a bit for my final years. During high school I was also the singer in a 4-piece all-girl punk band (photo 3) called Goat Bastard (it was named prior to my joining and the name still makes me cringe). I got good marks in school but I can never recall completing any assignment before the night before it was due. I would stay up until 2am most nights on the internet (and then had to get up at 6.30!). I took art, maths, music and three different types of English for my subjects in my last two years of high school and lived in about half a dozen different houses, including alone for six months.

Baby Bianca and mum & dad, circa 1990.

What makes me laugh; my cat, Tim Minchin, The Bedroom Philosopher, Miranda, Karl Pilkington, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Fry, my friend Manneh, various internet memes, odd customers at work, etc.

Feel free to do your own 'Things I Like To Discover About People' post or tell me what you like to discover about people in a comment :)