Darling Starling

+ playing with pretty camera apps on borrowed iphone.

when: sunday evening.
where: little red chair at little red desk, at home.
temperature: chilly.
watching: peepshow season 3.
listened to today: the cure, ben folds.
sipping: hot chocolate.
devouring: cheese on toast.
places visited today: sara's to craft and chat and help with outfit assemblage + coles for late night junk food run.
wearing: purple polka dot dress, purple stockings, white socks, black work cardigan, red coat, woolen green hat.
feeling: snoozy.
next week: two classes, five shifts.
breakfast today: weetbix with honey + soymilk.
looking forward to: coffee with sara tomorrow while we wag our lecture.
firefox tabs currently open: twitter, 'the science behind your secondhand embarrassment', historic wtf.
items on desk: half drunk can of lemonade, watch, coaster, phone, ring, letter opener, two plates, one bowl.
wishing: my house had a bath.
my house smells like: nag champa.
laughing at: robert webb.
going to: have a long, warm shower (+ sing :P)