First Five

+ just leave your email address.

+ piles of crunchy autumnal leaves in every park in launceston.
+ trying on many fancy shoes and imagining where i'd wear each, but not buying any.
+ picking up photos from being developed that are still warm.
+ amusing customers (incl. ones who ask me "are you goodnight little spoon?")
+ vegemite and cheese scrolls.
+ sherbet lollies in pockets.
+ doodling on the backs of receipts in dull moments at work.
+ early morning kitten snuggles.
+ reading through blog archives.
+ prickly beards.
+ c's rihanna crush.
+ bright tights.
+ three weetbix + honey + soy milk, in bed.
+ lovely co-workers.
+ considering a fun new haircut.
+ being 7kgs lighter.
+ gorgeous crafty friends with adorable children.
+ c's soups on cool nights.
+ nanna's hot chocolates
+ franny & zooey.
+ bright red (and not bitten) nails.
+ photo shoots in the sunshine.
+ the ritual of going to the movies.
+ phone calls with family interstate.

- stealing money from my savings account for every day things.
- afternoon migraines.
- not being able to keep my toes warm.
- uni work procrastination.
- unwritten letters.