Tacky Souvenir Swap

A month or two ago I started gathering bits and pieces for Andrea's Tacky Souvenir Swap. Tacky souvenirs are irresistible to me and being paired up with someone from the American South, I can only imagine what wonders that tacky souvenir package will hold. Tasmania is abundant with tacky souvenirs. I went into one of Launceston's souvenir shops and picked up an armful of things; a snow globe, a boomerang, a Tasmanian devil puzzle, an echidna figurine, a giant chocolate freckle shaped like Tasmania, etc. The ladies at the counter asked me if I was buying them for anyone in particular and when I told them that I was participating in a tacky souvenir swap predictably fierce replies ensued; "We don't sell tacky souvenirs!". I reassured them that their souvenirs weren't tacky (lied). I don't think they were really offended and were happy to take my $30 for their tacky souvenirs. Here are some of the bits and pieces I sent to my partner, Tiffany;