Just a minute...

+ paula hubiszta.

...in June.

Watching; Micmacs, Water For Elephants, QI, Winter's Bone, The Graham Norton Show.
Buying; fancy shoes (then returning them), pastel coloured nail polish, birthday presents, vintage dresses, chai, bright red lip stain.
Listening; Charles Trenet, Fleet Foxes, Death Cab For Cutie, Nick Drake, Hugh Laurie, Seeker Lover Keeper, The Cure.
Loving; Launceston autumnal scenery and weather.
Consuming; red frogs, hot blackcurrant juice, tiramisu almonds, toasted croissants with Swiss cheese + quince paste + basil pine nut pesto dip, Charlie's raspberry lemonade, Green & Black's white chocolate.
Wanting; France + warmth + this cardigan.