List; To do in Winter

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I think this list obsession has progressed to the point that I can only think in lists!

+ finish this book (and some more of this and this).
+ bake this cake.
+ watch c make this, then devour it. go back here (i've heard there's a LOT more snow there at the moment).
+ finish a guest post for this lovely blog.
+ plan a bus trip to hobart and visit the 'museum of old and new art' for the first time.
+ weigh up the pros and cons of spending a weeks pay on these boots.
+ have a wonderful, guilty marathon of this (hopefully with lovely sara).
+ inspect a new house to share with friends.
+ use up at least two rolls of film in my diana mini and then send one away for this excellent swap.
+ plan a trip here with my sister for september (i'd like to go here, here and here especially).
+ visit my favourite shop and take pictures.
+ get my hair cut for the first time in three years here.
+ ogle these items on etsy until i give in and buy one of them; 1, 2, 3, 4.
+ learn how to knit & crochet.
+ dream about a holiday to paris via this lovely lady's notes.
+ wake up earlier.
+ send off the mix cds i made for this post.
+ write another letter to myself.
+ go for more bike rides.

ps. last night i observed one of my co-workers writing a list on the back of a receipt - the pros and cons of whether or not to quit. if they happen to read this, i don't think you should :)