Last week I decided it was time that I let go of my ugly hand-me-down desk, cease storing all my art supplies in boxes in my spare room or haphazardly across my desk and upgrade my broken, dying Macbook. Trips to Officeworks and the Apple online store (I hope to be rich enough one day to never have to assemble flat packed furniture) and now I have a space I feel like I can do anything in. It feels so much more comfortable, fresh and clean. I started back at uni last week and I can't wait to start making things in this new creative space. A change is as good as a holiday, no? (...Speaking of which, I have enough saved to buy tickets for a holiday abroad - where to go?!).

+ C bought me some pretty flowers for my new space.

+ The picture on the right is of my little sister when she was little (she turns 18 next month! *sob!*)