Margaret & Barry

+ making mix cd covers for the mix share swap.

+ i've been drawing a lot of these obsessively symmetrical mandala-y things lately.

+ i thrifted this 'margaret' mug a few years ago with a matching one that says 'barry' - i often wondered how they ended up in the opshop together - perhaps margaret and barry separated and neither could bare to take either of their matching mugs + some experimental screen printing from class last week.

+ i bought a new desk andbookshelf this week (both very white and sleek) and took it as an opportunity to rearrange and reorganise the bits around my desk. also pictured is my new lightbulb lamp.

+ stuff in my house + taking (only some) of c's cd collection out of the lounge room - so many cds - so obsolete!

+ things i didn't buy while thrifting - the shoes were too small and the care bare mugs were $10 each. wishing i'd nabbed them now though.

+ knit lab is now in full swing! + a visit to the 'apron design markets' with red legs.

+ one of my team textiles pal's lab coat + the jumper i wore to the knit lab opening party.

+ what c wore to the knit lab opening party - the bow was made by lovely carla.

+ i've been watching a whole lot of the tour de france lately (with cat on lap) - i can't go to sleep unless i see who has won each night's stage + the pretty lady backdrop at one of mine and c's favourite cafes.

+ 2am porridge + passport sized bianca (this looks nothing like me).

+ very old church + sparkly tree lights.

+ house i wish i could live in + kitty.

(+ my list for monday) seen today;
+ firecrackers blazing in a bin
+ william pugh, the statue, wearing a hoodie
+ a twelve year old boy yell out "sexy!" and gyrate his hips at me as i rode past
+ a bicycle bell that read "i ♥ my pet"
+ lovely houses in st. john street we wish we could afford to live in
+ soup in a self heating can (i bought one for c)
+ children taking photos of strangers sneakily from around a corner
+ tiny sparkly lights in trees
+ the spooky old scottish free church